Public Service Announcement

The following is a Public Service Announcement for mPower Loans


Announcer: Do you or a loved one have a disability? Could your business be more accessible to people with disabilities? The mPower loan program in partnership with FAME and Alpha One has helped thousands of Maine people and businesses purchase adaptive equipment and make accessibility improvements. We mPowered Jill to build her new garage with an access ramp.

Jill: Kaylenia is my nine-year-old daughter with cerebral palsy and multiple disabilities. We had no idea that we could incorporate the loan for the garage into the mPower loan. It has been a blessing for everybody in the family.

Announcer: We mPowered Jonathan to install a new elevator into his restaurant – Jonathan’s in Ogunquit.

Jonathan: It’s been great to have the elevator and it’s been great to have the ability for people with disabilities to be able to come into this facility.

Announcer: Low interest loans from two hundred fifty dollars to one hundred thousand dollars are available for you or your business with easy payment terms. mPower yourself or your business today. To apply call 1-800-640-7200 or visit mPower loans dot org.